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Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks are the primary methods used to obtain confidential information and compromise your identity.  Do not give sensitive information to others unless you are sure that they are indeed who they claim to be and that they should have access to the information. Visit the Department of Homeland Security for more […]

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Be careful of tax scams!

It’s tax season and scammers are finding new ways to obtain money illegally. It is important that consumers are aware of the tactics cyber-criminals use to gather and use sensitive data. One of the ways to protect yourself is to pay attention to suspicious activity such as receiving an unexpected check, having a random sum […]

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Beware Hurricane Charity Scams

Customers looking to support victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma are encouraged to be cautious of charity scams. Visit the FTC for ways to give.

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